Express LRS RC Power 100mw

Express LRS RC Power 100mw is the latest innovation in the FPV segment of Drones/UAVs. This module is ultra-compact measuring  20mmx10mm in size and features the low power mcu esp8255 and the latest RF technology. It can easily support a long range of upto 30 Km and has very low latency (10ms).


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Product Specification

Additional information


30 Kms




20dbm (100mw)

Data Rate

1300 Mbps


3.5dbi ufl Antenna

Boot Button



Yes, 4 pin 1.25mm

Connector Cables

Yes (40mm length, both side JST1.25mm Female)

CRSF Compatible


WiFi Capable


Supports Various Modes

Yes (FLRC, Lora, GFSK)

Soldering Required

No ( 4 pin Connector for plug n play)

Advanced Ranging Support


Side Boot Button(Reset/Boot)


Firmware Pre Flashed


Product Details

About Express LRS RC Series of Hallycon

  • ExpressLRS RC or RX is the latest innovation in drones/fpv/uav.
  • This module is ultra-compact measuring 20mmx10mm in size.
  • Features the low power mcu esp8255 and latest RF technology.
  • Long Range and very low latency(10ms).
  • TH ExpressLRS comes in 2 variants.
    • Express LRS RC Nano 20mw
    • Express LRS RC Power 100mw

Linking Binding steps:

  • After the receiver is connected to the flight controller, connect the USB to power the flight controller. After inserting the USB for the first time, disconnect the USB as soon as the LED on the receiver turns off. Repeat the operation twice, when the USB is inserted for the third time, the LED will start to flash double, and the receiver will enter the code matching mode.
  • After the 2.4G ELRS tuner module and the remote control are correctly connected, copy the ELRS.LUA file to the SD card in the remote control, the directory is SD Card/Scripts/tools, and then run ELRS.LUA for Bind operation.
  • After the binding is successful, the LED on the receiver will become steady on, and the telemetry signal can be received at the same time.

Indicator status:

  1. Double flash: code matching mode
  2. Slow flashing: No transmission signal is received
  3. Steady on: receive the transmit signal
  4. Fast flashing: WIFI upgrade mod


  1. Small in size
  2. Easy to  handle
  3. Easy to install
  4. Use in Helicopters

Packages Includes: 

  • 1 x RX24T RC Receiver
  • 1 x T antenna
  • 4 x Wire


Hallycon announces the launch of Next Generation Drone Telemetry Module